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          1.R&D Center profile

          Established in April 2019, the new r&d center is the focal point of the company's r&d management, dedicated to the research and development of new technology and new products.The center has a complete set of equipment of rubber industry research and development process, and has formed a systematic research and development system in terms of formula development, product development, technology application and improvement.


          picture of R&D Center

          2. Product design capability

          The company has rich design experience and ability, including product forward and reverse development, with the main engine factory and collaborative development experience. The product design content mainly includes automobile wiring harness sheath, seal and so on.

          3.Mold design capability

          The company has rich experience of mold design, mainly including injection mold, injection mold and direct pressure mold. Development of a full range of mold types, diverse structure, including insert block structure, sliding block structure, rubber plastic molding and other complex structure mold.

          4. Recipe design capability

          The company has been independent formula development, formula involving ethylene propylene diene rubber, nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber and other rubber, from the raw materials to mixing rubber to the product line for quality and cost control, each aspect has a great advantage.

          5. Molding design capability

          The company develops more than 100 new products every year, the products involve automobile wiring harness sheath, sealing ring, damping pad, pot gasket and so on. I have rich experience in the production of different rubber products and different structures, and can deal with the abnormalities and quality control in the rubber production process very well.

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