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          Contact person: Manager Huang

          Tel: +86 021-57675460

          Mobile phone: +86 13501835920

          Fax: +86 021-57672668


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          Youth is irreparable water. It disappears at the fingertips in a twinkling of an eye. It wastes energy and regrets it.
          Don't dwell on the past, accept a new life, a new self, a new team!
          Here, you can reap not only high salaries, but also skills, knowledge and family!
          Change is the proof of growth and welcome to join us.
          Recruiting positions: product research and development personnel, manufacturing management personnel etc.
          For details, please focus on our official?wechat.



          • Marketing Department
          • Contact person: Manager Huang

            Tel: +86 021-57675460

            Mailbox: sales@zhengcun.com.cn

          • Personnel Department
          • Contact person: Mr. Sun

            Tel: +86 021-57675460-8002

            E-mail: hr@zhengcun.com.cn


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