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          safety production

          Release date:2021-03-28

          In our manufacturing enterprise production, safety can be said to be the most important, the most basic requirements of enterprises, this seemingly simple two words, but it is a responsibility, a kind of attitude.Only the safety will be put into practice, enterprise benefits, enterprise interests, workers' interests will be fully guaranteed.Faced with the problem of safe production, it can not only affect the overall safety of the whole enterprise, but also affect the safety of all aspects of our workers.

          In China, a large country with a mobile population, it is inevitable that there will be employees from all directions in an enterprise.Due to different geographical differences, age differences, lifestyle differences and education differences, each employee has different perceptions of safety.


          Safety accidents come from the weak awareness of safety.In the past two years, there was a phenomenon called "Chinese style of crossing the road". It mainly refers to crossing the road regardless of the traffic signs and ignoring the traffic lights as long as a group of people gather together. This is a typical lack of safety awareness.In our enterprise management, also there are many safety consciousness, such as mold handling personnel not to wear labor insurance shoes, forklift truck drivers don't wear a helmet, not wearing earplugs in the noise environment, etc., but also the ideological security is numb, in the mold clamping when see a flash, in the don't press the emergency stop button and then stretched out his hand to deal with, when know the situation, also confident, said: "my speed is faster than the mould, it doesn't matter."These are not the performance of safety awareness, to the safety of enterprises and personal safety buried a great hidden danger.This gives us enterprise management to leave a topic, how to cultivate employees in all aspects of safety awareness?

          In order to cultivate employees' safety awareness, we have carried out the following aspects of education and improvement.

          1. Staff safety awareness training

          For employees with uneven safety awareness, we carry out safety employee education.In terms of personnel management, our new employees should first receive induction training and safety training to lead them to understand the production of our company, understand the danger points in production and the correct way to avoid danger. Only after they pass the induction training and safety training, they will enter the induction training.In terms of production management, we try our best to prevent employees from having safety risks. We do what we can to prevent mistakes, and we do not do what we can to make point inspection, warning and publicity.In terms of error prevention, in order to ensure the safety of the enterprise and employees, we carry out all-round identification. In order to avoid the negligence and injury of employees, we add grating protection to each device. Once the employee's body part enters the danger zone, the device will immediately stop all actions and alarm to ensure that the employee's body is not harmed.


          2. Implement safety measures

          In terms of the production environment, we have made a unified plan for the factory area, distinguished the sidewalk from the driveway, and made relevant identification in the factory area and the workshop. In the road, there are zebra crossings for personnel only.In the use of a variety of mechanical tools, clear certification, clear working requirements, for different types of work, clear safety helmet, safety belt and other labor protection equipment use;In terms of daily management, we focus on improving employees' safety awareness. In the morning meeting, safety publicity comes first, reminding employees to pay attention to safety every day, and forming safety cases as training materials.At the same time, they also let employees personally participate in the identification of dangers. The manufacturing department also held a "daily education" in the morning meeting to put out the dangerous points and let employees participate in the discussion, so as to embed safety awareness in the minds of employees.


          3. Establish safety emergency management

          The responsibility of safe production is heavy, in order to consolidate the current safety performance and improve the level of safe production management, we have to 45001 occupation health and safety management system to do a re-carding and obtain certification, the production of safety systematization, standardization to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

          In addition, we have also developed the "Safety Protection Management Measures" and "Common Safety Risks of Equipment" and other documents, in order to nip in the wind.In case of emergency, we have also developed the "Work Injury Management Method" to ensure that employees receive the most timely and appropriate treatment, to minimize the injuries suffered by employees.The person in charge of all kinds of accidents and injuries and the measures to solve them were identified, and the treatment level of relevant hospitals was investigated, and the contact information of common hospitals and high-standard doctors was identified.In our rubber production industry, often accident mainly burns and bruised, for this, we and Shanghai ruijin hospital, huashan hospital, Shanghai sixth people's hospital and Shanghai ninth people's hospital of related departments, ensure that employees can get the best data after the accident, reduce staff physical harm.


          Anyhow, safety with our each person's life, especially in enterprise production, we have to maintain a high level of alert, in line with the principle of "safety first, prevention first", starting from the self, positive practice, improve employee safety consciousness, to carry out the safety measures, establishing accident emergency management, always remember safety production.

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